Friday, April 25, 2008

A Very Big WELCOME to the...

April 30-2008

Grandma's Best Recipes

Blog Carnival

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For the Good Times

Batya presents

Applesauce, So Easy, It's Like Cheating posted at me-ander.

Matthew Stevenson presents

Soup Medley. posted at The Chef's Day Off.

Matthew Stevenson presents

A Wonderfully Rich Red Wine Sauce posted at The Chef's Day Off.

Bobby presents

Blueberry Bread Recipe posted at Free Online Recipes Free Recipes,

saying, "grandma's best blueberry bread :)"

Matthew Stevenson presents

Duck & Portwine Pate posted at The Chef's Day Off.

grandma food recipe

Krista Burdine presents

Strawberry Custard Pie Common Cuisine posted at Common Cuisine,

saying, "Summer is peeking around the corner! This old-fashioned delight reminds me of sunshine and childhood."

cookingfor5 presents

Molasses Cookies posted at Simply Cooking.

old time food recipe

valereee presents

Sorrel soup posted at Cincinnati Locavore,

saying, "Your grandma was probably making sorrel soup this time of year!"

chocolate recipe

Shaun presents

Chocolate brownies recipe posted at Onelite Recipes.

That concludes this edition.

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